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The project wants offer micro-learning opportunities for teachers (working with students age 11-14 years old) in acquiring new digital competences to increase their capabilities to act safety and assertively in the digital market-place and transfer the acquired skills to their student to allow them to act consciously and safely on the online market field while innovating the teaching of technology and digital skills at school, making the curriculum more responsive to the needs and requirements of students and families and creating a cross-curricula module that can allow teacher of other subjects, such as maths and marketing to collaborate together.


ONLINE wants to train teachers in order them to transfer their knowledge to their students to:
Make informed choices online in digital market places
Manage online financial operations
Understand digital marketing and advertising practices
Operate safely online (avoid them to be victim of fraud or deceptive online marketing practices)
Understand their digital footprint while acting online (ex. Digital data collection)