CNME (Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu Iasi) is a public school founded in 1865. It has about 480 students in primary school, 620 students in lower secondary school and 780 in upper secondary school specializing in: Mathematics-Computer Science; Natural Sciences; Philology-Bilingual English/French (with an international graduation exam).

CNME is a Centre for French Bilingual Baccalaureate; is a ECDL Centre, DELF/DALF, also is Cambridge and DSD SPRACHDIPLOM regional training and examination centre in which the school teachers ensure the training and examination. The CNME has 130 employees: 92 teachers ,18 auxiliary teaching staff, 20 administrative staff. The school is managed by a board (1 director seconded by 1 deputy director, The Council of Administrative Decisions and The Council of Teachers for Didactical and Educational Decisions).

The school has a long record of local, national, and European projects and partnerships. It is focused on research, innovation, and best practices, and runs numerous training programs for adults: teacher training, parents’ education, student teachers mentoring. Many CNME teachers are trainers, mentors, inspectors, members of specialist national boards and professional associations.

The school institution is operating within some important school networks, the CNME teachers coordinate educational activities for other schools, promote teaching innovation and provide educational resources, offer a wide variety of services such as courses, workshops, tutoring, mentoring, research facilities and access to online learning resources.

The aims of the CNME are promoting a culture of learning and provide a supportive environment for the achievement of educational goals and aspirations, providing quality education, inspiring students to reach their full potential and preparing them to be successful, responsible citizens, promoting the education for sustainable development.